Midwest Electric

Midwest Electric Products is an industry leader in manufacturing quality weatherproof electrical equipment. Midwest product portfolio is focused on commercial and residential construction, outdoor living, recreation, and agriculture.

Service Entrance

Pedestal, Surface Mounted, Spa Panels or All-In-One equipment suitable for homes and RV Parks. NEC/UL Listed.

RV Park Equipment

Metallic and thermoplastic units with options for electronic metering, integrated TV/telephone, and lighting. Pedestal or surface mounted.

Load Centers / Resi Breakers

Main breaker and main lug units for residential and light commercial applications. Full range of resi breakers available including DFCI, AFCI, GFCI and other specialty breakers. NEC/UL Listed.


Single socket metering and horizontal meter sockets designed for residential and light commercial applications. NEC/UL listed.

Transfer Switches / Power Inlets

Transfer Switches for single or three phase configurations; Available in 100-400A; 240V or 600V. Power Inlets available in 20-50A for 120/240V applications.

Temporary Power Equipment

Receptacles, overcurrent protection and, where needed, meter sockets and GFCIs are fully assembled in a single enclosure, ready to mount and connect.


Our transformers are setting new standards in quality, design, manufacturing, and testing. Midwest general purpose transformers are the brand contractors trust
for trouble-free installation and years of reliable service.

Power Outlets

Receptacles, overcurrent protection, disconnecting means, metering and pedestal mounting (as required) are delivered in a single, ready-to-go enclosure.

Safety Switches

Wide variety of general and heavy duty switches.
Available in 30-200A; Fusible or Non-Fusible; 240V or 600V.

AC Disconnects

Our AC disconnects meet NEC 440-14 and come in the full range of ratings and types.

Terminal Boxes

The enclosure protects all terminations and allows for easy connections. 240V or 400V single phase and 600V three phase.

Spa Panels

GFI disconnects provide a convenient, low-cost means to satisfy NEC requirements for spas, hot tubs, water heaters and swimming pools.

All Midwest Electric equipment comes with:

• More than 70 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor electrical equipment
• Superior corrosion protection
• The highest quality electrical components
• Designs that keep user safety in mind
• The expertise and support of a nationwide network of distributors and independent manufacturer’s representatives


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